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Welcome to Pura

Edit's Data Cleanse Platform

A one-stop shop for businesses of any size to unlock the true power of their data.

Designed to easily enable data processing at the highest levels of speed, accuracy and security, Pura uses market-leading data-management platforms to deliver fast, flexible & scalable data cleansing in a user-friendly interface.

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Find the right Pura product for you.

Pura Managed

Pura Managed

For those that need a helping hand with more complex data processing.

What is it?

The managed solution leverages Pura’s data processing power alongside the expertise of our data specialists.

Who is it for?

Pura Managed offers access to our dedicated data management team to build bespoke, more complex processes where required.

What are the benefits?

  • Scalable tech solutions
  • Bespoke builds to suit your requirements
  • Account Managed structure to offer consistent service levels

Pura Online

Pura Online Icon

A self-serve data cleanse portal for quick and simple data cleanses, perfect for cleansing smaller volumes.

What is it?

Edit’s online data cleanse service was created to offer a self-serve solution for data cleanse.

Who is it for?

Created for users that need a quick & easy data cleanse. Perfect for the data savvy marketer who knows what they want to do and when they want to do it.

What are the benefits?

  • 24/7 availability
  • User friendly, intuitive interface
  • Fast turnaround on data sets
  • Competitive pricing

Pura API


For partners and clients who need near real-time access to our Customer Data Platform.

What is it?

This solution exposes our full data cleanse suite to our clients via an API, offering near real-time data cleanse.

Who is it for?

The enhanced Edit API service has been developed for the more technical users that need to build data cleanse into an existing customer management platform.

What are the benefits?

  • Exposes the full data processing capability
  • Provides synchronous/asynchronous response
  • Account Managed structure to offer consistent service levels

Why use Pura for your data cleanse needs?

Complete data icon


Our data set includes over 500 million verified records, including credit risks, home moves & deceased. This data is sourced from a number of reputable providers including Royal Mail, Experian, Equifax & The Ark.

Accurate data icon


We cross reference all of our records against multiple data feeds, ensuring that our data is validated by independent sources at all points.

Fresh data icon


Our suppression products are updated regularly. The minimum cycle is monthly and the maximum is daily, ensuring data cleanse is as effective as possible.

Pura varied data icon


No single product has complete coverage, by using multiple products that utilise different sources we’re able to catch a significant percentage of moves & deaths.

Balance data icon


We use a variety of products that gather their data from different sources, giving us great coverage. Under suppression is ineffective and over suppression can be damaging, by blending a variety of verified products into our suite we are confident that we strike the delicate balance required.

Secure data icon


Edit is an ISO certified agency for information security. All data is embedded within our Pura platforms and processed within our secure interface.